Introduce yourself

Who are you and what do you make or want to make?
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by th3r21ndr0p »

Hi, I'm Rich. I own and I am also a cat with anger issues. My specialties include laser engraving, powder coating, caring about numbers/logic/data over feelz, and knocking things over. Sometimes, I sit in a laundry basket and tickle my own ears. Sometimes I do not.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by hipstrings »

Hi. I'm Jill. My business, HipStrings, got its start at TechShop in 2013 using the lasers to make tools for the fiber arts - spindles, tools for knitting/crochet/weaving/spinning. We got our own laser in 2015, and I stopped coming to the shop. We moved into a commercial space in Allison Park last year that serves as showroom/fulfillment center/gathering place for fibery folk.

I spin/knit/crochet/weave/dye.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by zymurgy_cat »

Name's Chris. I do just about all types of making, both for myself and my day job (mainly when my employer doesn't have the tools to do special projects). So that pretty much covers woodworking, welding, home improvement (anything from electrical to plumbing to masonry and so forth), 3D printing, silk screen printing, the rare machining job, etc., etc. But most of my personal making is in electronics, including circuit board design and hand assembly. My goal every year is to try to make the evening news around Christmas with my light display. (Done it about 3x.)

I generally do all my stuff at home as I've got a basic woodshop, 3D printer, small CNC router, etc. I've been a member of TS Pittsburgh since it opened and use it for access to the welders and larger equipment such as the ShopBot, planer/jointer, waterjet, laser cutters, etc.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by vapormedix »

Hi. My name's Jim (vapormedix). To introduce myself let me share a letter I wrote to Dan Woods upon learning that TechShop Pittsburgh was on the chopping block: I have only recently joined as a 6-month member and have been availing myself of the many introductory workshops offered. I am not someone who has a background in any of the areas in the shop nor do I have a workshop in my home. However, I have always been interested in how various objects are created and what tools and machines are used to make them.

I am a year away from retirement and felt that an important part of my free time in the coming years could be spent as an amateur “maker” and that TechShop could offer me some of the sense of fulfillment that I will lose when I actually stop working.

People have asked me whether I have a specific project in mind as many members do when they join, but at the outset I am just seeking to learn about what I can make and then seeing what comes to mind. YouTube videos have gotten me excited about a few projects.

The instructors, for the most part, have been excellent. I now feel pressured to learn and do as much as possible in the time remaining as I continue to hope that another entity will take up the operation of TechShop in some similar iteration.

I am grateful for what I have enjoyed so far and will continue to hope for a positive resolution for our community.

I am committed to doing whatever I can to saving TSP or finding acceptable alternatives for myself and the community should that become impossible. I am excited to see that PittsburghMakers may be able to offer alternatives. I pledge my support.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Robertdta »

Hi. I'm Rob. I have a small business I call Spirit Stone. I make custom silver jewelry. I utilize the DC skill sets and capabilities of the shop to produce small steel tooling and simple machines as well as master molds and forms for sand casting. I work at a small volume custom scale but was hoping to use my relationship with the staff at techshop to develop a mid level production line of designs to expand my company. I am currently away attending a summer seminar at Robert Morris University where I was invited to participate in an additive manufacturing course that goes to the end of June. In August I will be attending Pitt University'school MAC certification program in Mastercam and Machining. With so much machining in the area I care little about the actual access to machines and I am much more focused on keeping our staff and community together. All the machines in the world cannot replace the skill sets, encouragement, and excitement that is created by a dedicated maker community. I hope that conversation about a new makers pace revolves around people and our mutual projects and aspirations for how we would like to see the 3D printed revolution unfold. It is imperative that we salvage our people from whatever wreckage may become of techshop because for me another makers space devoid of those friendly faces and familiar people would leave me little incentive to rejoin. Just my opinion. Thanks.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by mdtaylor »

Hello! I'm Mike, and TechShop has been my outlet for the creative energy that I don't get to express at work. Just finished a PhD in robotics, but mostly I enjoy working on old clocks and watches and basically anything that's run-down and mechanical or analog. When I had more access to the shop, i.e. before Sundays went away, I was making brass spinning tops and little wooden friends like Gregor here.

You can see more of his adventures here:
Always happy to talk, listen, and help. I'm very interested in how we can make the next chapter of the community more inclusive and welcoming.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by smartin015 »

Hey All,

Scott here. Todd (who joined last week) is my roomate at HackerHouse.

I'm also one of the admins of the Google Pittsburgh makerspace in bakery square, and have had the pleasure of provisioning supplies and new tools, maintaining the tools that break, and teaching folks how to make there since its inception. Combined with HackerHouse... I guess I just like being a shopmaster :D

Anyways - I'm ready and willing to contribute to the maker community and help develop something accessible and sustainable. Sign me up :)
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by tfb71 »

I'm Fred, totally new to Making and exploring everything with my two kids as we work though this the #sciencefairprojectfromhell.

Thank you for all you guys offer.

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